A new Morpho-Bathymetric map of the Mediterranean Sea
3 May 2012, CIESM News

After the joint publication by CIESM and IFREMER, in 2008, of a Morpho-bathymetric synthesis of the Mediterranean Sea, we are pleased to announce the edition by CCGM/CGMW (Commission for the Geological Map of the World of UNESCO) of a new Morpho-Bathymetric map of the Mediterranean Sea at the 1:4.000.000 scale.

This new map, based on the same set of swath bathymetric data, has been enriched by the following additional data:
(1) Unpublished swath bathymetric records from various sources including IFREMER, SHOM, GEOAZUR, OGS-Trieste, ISMAR-Bologna, CMCR- Hamburg, and locally first arrivals from 3D seismic data from oil industry;
(2) A bathymetric compilation of the Gulf of Cadiz, published by Zitellini et al. (2009);
(3) A few complementary data from the EMODNET European project portal;
(4) Swath bathymetric data in the Back Sea provided by the EEC project Assemblages.

The resulting DTM, at 500 m, has been mixed with a DTM at 1500 m from the GEBCO atlas (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) to illustrate the morphology of Mediterranean Sea as a whole and together with the onshore surrounding topography as extracted from SRTM 33'' (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, NASA) with a DTM at 90 m.

This map is available at the CCGM/CGMW headquarter, 77 rue Claude Bernard, 75005, Paris, France www.ccgm.org

• See also: First Geological and Morpho-Tectonic Map of the Mediterranean domain (scale 1:4,000,000).