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The SeamountOnline portal

Seamounts are considered as hotspots of marine biodiversity but remain poorly known.

Component of the Global Census of Marine Life on Seamounts, the SeamountsOnline gathers data on species that have been observed or collected from seamounts and makes them freely-available online. You may search either a given taxon (all metazoan species are considered) or a given seamount on a world ocean map.

This user-friendly portal not only provides geo-localisation of the seamount and the list of recorded species; it also provides details on the seamount (name, topography, depth), on the sampling (date, reference) as well as a listing of the associated published record.
For a blind search, this portal offers the opportunity to search through different maritime classification modes (FAO,  EEZ, etc.).

SeamountsOnline is in active development, and data content is periodically expanded.


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