41th  CIESM  Congress
12-16 September 2016
Kiel, Germany
Our 41th Congress will be held in Kiel at the kind invitation of German Authorities
Submission Period: from 4 Jan. to 15 Feb. 2016
East. West Intl. Conference
Sochi, Russian Federation
| 2014
CIESM at work on submarine canyons
The CIESM Charter: "a new approach for research on marine biodiversity"
See map of Charter signatories
Restoring Medit. Fish stocks
Marine Peace Parks in the Medbroad lines of CIESM proposal and full Monograph
Acid a bad trip for marine species
Some like it hot – or how Mediterranean marine species face global warming
40th Congress highlights (podcasts, snapshots, session summaries)

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n°46. Marine Litter
n°45. Marine Extinctions
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n°3. Making research count in marine governance
n°2. The potential uses for video games in marine governance
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Joint CIESM/ ICES Rpt on Mnemiopsis Science
On-line Congress Vol. 40
CIESM Atlas of Exotic Species
Physical forcing and physical/biochemical variability of the Mediterranean Sea
Latest CGMW/ Ifremer/ CIESM Map | 2012

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