Our 41th Congress was held in Kiel at the kind invitation of the German Government
see syntheses and photos
Marine Genomics (call for papers)
In relation to its 41st Congress,
CIESM invites relevant papers to be further developed / submitted before end of January 2017 for a special issue on Marine Genomics. Details
Marine mammals & co now under UN watch
Satellite monitoring of Mediterranean salinity
East. West Intl. Conference
Sochi, Russian Federation
| 2014
CIESM at work on submarine canyons
The CIESM Charter: "a new approach for research on marine biodiversity"
See map of Charter signatories
Restoring Medit. Fish stocks
Marine Peace Parks in the Medbroad lines of CIESM proposal and full Monograph
Acid a bad trip for marine species
Some like it hot – or how Mediterranean marine species face global warming

There are more than 800 submarine canyons in the Mediterranean, Marmara and Black seas. Their geo-morphology is quite unique, and their dynamics often constitutes a geo-hazard for coastal infrastructures.
The CIESM Atlas of Exotic Seaweeds is now off the press
Browse thru some of the 118 exotic species of the volume
CIESM Workshop Monographs  
   n°47    Submarine canyon dynamics
   n°46    Marine litter
   n°45    Marine extinctions
  Visit our full collection of 47 volumes
Latest CGMW/ CIESM/ INSU/ Ifremer Map | 2015
CIESM Marine Policy Series  
n°3. Making research count in marine governance
n°2. The potential uses for video games in marine governance
n°1. New partnerships for blue biotechnology development
Other Publications  
Joint CIESM/ MMMPA Rept: new approaches to MPA monitoring & management
Joint CIESM/ ICES Rpt on Mnemiopsis Science
On-line Congress Vol. 40
CIESM Atlas of Exotic Species in the Mediterranean
Physical forcing and physical/biochemical variability of the Mediterranean Sea

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