Appeal from Egyptian Nobel Laureate
17 February 2008, The Egyptian Gazette

EGYPT's great scientist and Nobel Laureate Ahmed Zewail has appealed to the Egyptian people and officials to rally behind ambitious local scientists. Zewail's appeal was prompted by millions of Egyptians who took to the streets in a state of great excitement to celebrate the Pharaohs' dramatic win in the African Cup of Nations final last week.

The ecstatic fans brought traffic to a standstill in many parts of Egypt, as they marched down the streets chanting 'Long Live Egypt' and 'Long Live Our Heroes'. The win dismantled, albeit temporarily, the social barriers in Egypt, with wealthy citizens intermingling with the poor.

Addressing a cultural seminar, held recently at Alexandria Opera House, Zewail could not conceal his astonishment that Egypt's scientists, who have great potential, have yet to receive the same support the national football team so often get.

"Of course, I am delighted that we won the African Cup of Nations. It's a victory for Egypt and its people. I am also delighted at the way the whole nation rallied round, when the Pharaohs were battling it out in Ghana", Zewail told his audience.

But he rightly wished the whole nation is just as enthusiastic, whenever an Egyptian scientist makes a great breakthrough".