Pozzuolo di Lerici, Istituto per lo studio dell' Oceanografia Fisica

Napoli, Istituto di Meteorologia e Oceanografia



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Villa Comunale, 1
80121 Napoli   ITALY
Tel : + 39 081 583 31 11
Fax : + 39 081 764 13 55
Email : stazione.zoologica@szn.it
Web Site : www.szn.it
Director : Ing. Marco Cinquegrani

Type of activities
research only academic, education
policy/planning envir. monitoring

Main sectors of research
neurobiology, biological oceanography, marine botany, cell biology, ecophysiology, benthic ecology, biochemistry, molecular biology

Current major projects
* development and differentiation ;
* fertilization ;
* neurobiology and comparative physiology ;
* ecophysiology ;
* key planktonic and benthic marine organism : life strategies, behaviour and ecological role ;
* light signal transduction ;
* biodiversity, dynamics and interaction in benthic system : seagrass ecosystem ;
* biology and ecology of marine phytoplankton ;
* projects in collaboration with national and international organization and other research projects conducted at the stazione zoologica

Number of local permanent staff
scientists : 50 others : 50

Indoor surface area (m2) available for
research : 6000 teaching :
others : 2000

Conference room
no yes (number of seats : 70 )

Research vessel(s)
less than 12 m in length; number of vessels :
more than 12 m in length; number of vessels : 1
Brief description of vessels and on board scientific equipment :
Custom-designed for coastal sampling and oceanography, the 19 m research vessel 'Vettoria' is equiped with two winches (one with a 1000 m/8 mm monoconductor armoured cable and the other with a 2000 m/6 mm stainless steel cable) that can lift up to 1500 kg each.
Thanks to a 90° mobile hydraulic gantry able to bear a load of 2000 kg, and a crane that can lift 500 kg instruments and equipment can be used with ease at sampling institutes.
There are 30 mē of working space available on the bridge and 20 mē of lab. space (wet and dry) ; hence, in addition to sample handling, process studies can be conducted at sea.
The Vettoria is also equiped with a divers room, a cabin for subdued light work and basic instrumentation (a 6-channel global position system with plotter, radar, personal computers, Metrohm piston burette, and filtration apparatus).

Other major research facilities and equipment
DNA synthetizen, analytical and preparative ultracentrifuge, FPLC, HPLC, electronic microscopes (transmission and scanning), confocal microscope, digital imaging microscope, micromonochrometor, luminometer, flow cytometer

Ecosystem types available nearby
Posidonia, coastal and offshore

Areas of taxonomic expertise
phytoplankton, zooplankton, phytobenthos, amphipods, molluscs, decapods, crustaceans, polychaetes

Specimen collections
yes no
  Brief description :

Hosting facilities for visiting scientists
yes no

Training courses
yes no
degree thesis, training, PhD fellow, fellows

Capacity and brief description of library
more than 4000 books, a collection of early publications, and about 400 current journals

Type of research institution
governmental, national governmental, local
international academic
private other:


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