Alexandria, Ntl Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries


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Faculty of Science
University of Alexandria
Moharrem Bay
21511 Alexandria   EGYPT
Tel : + 203 484 3171/ 484 3172
Fax : + 203 491 1794
Email :
Web Site :
Director : Prof. Dr Abdel-Ghani N. Khalil

Type of activities
research only academic, education
policy/planning envir. monitoring
other: research & public service consultation on coastal marine environment, inland waters & lakes and environmental management to solve problems that result from human activities, uses & misuses of the environment

Main sectors of research
marine ecology, aquaculture, fisheries, ecotoxicology, stresses caused by human activities, marine pollution, marine chemistry, marine geology, physical oceanography, ecosystem modeling, marine biology, primary productivity, secondary productivity, benthic communities, stock assessment, seagrasses & macroalgae, limnological studies : Egyptian northern lakes, inland waters & lagoons

Current major projects
biodiversity, dynamics & interaction in benthic communities ecosystems, monitoring of the coastal ecosystem, ecological monitoring of benthic flora & fauna to study the interrelations between benthic communities and their environment, numerical modeling of the Mediterranean ecosystem, modeling of the coastal zone, lake Mariyut ecosystem

Number of local permanent staff
scientists : 32 others : 43

Indoor surface area (m2) available for
research : 900 teaching : 600
others : 2200

Conference room
no yes (number of seats : 50 )

Research vessel(s)
less than 12 m in length; number of vessels :
more than 12 m in length; number of vessels :
Brief description of vessels and on board scientific equipment :
(we rent boats)

Other major research facilities and equipment
6 wide labs for the different aspects of marine sciences, biological samplers, plankton nets, bottom grab, dredge, metallic frames (different measures), microscopes (different kinds), experimental aquaria (36 tanks), instruments for chemical analyses, spectrophotometers, computers & a new established modeling center, central lab of the Faculty of Science is provided by the following equipment : flame photometer, UV. Vis., IR, atomic absorption, CHNS elemental analyzer, Gas chromatography, HPLC, etc., in addition to JEOL - Transm. Electron microscope, JEOL - Scanning Electron microscope, Oxford- X-ray microanalysis, dark room photography, etc.

Ecosystem types available nearby
rocky bottom habitats, soft bottom habitats, deep sea ecosystem, fresh water ecosystem (Nile river & its tributaries, estuaries), inland waters : northern lakes of Egypt, coastal lagoons

Areas of taxonomic expertise
phytobenthos, zoobenthos, meiofauna, phytoplankton, zooplankton, fishes

Specimen collections
yes no
  Brief description :
    * macro-benthic algae (Egyptian coast of Mediterranean, Red Sea 'Egyptian & Saudi coasts' and some were collected from Black Sea;
* seagrasses (Mediterranean, Alexandria area);
* diatoms, some groups of phytoplankton and zooplankton (S.E. Mediterranean);
* benthic fauna (several groups) (Egyptian coasts of Mediterranean and Red Sea).

Hosting facilities for visiting scientists
yes no
the Dept. has the necessary facilities to conduct coastal marine & limnological research

Training courses
yes no
approximately 157 students currently study coastal oceanographic processes, conducting field work, solving real problems in both local and distant environments ; the following degrees awarded by the Department of Oceanography : 1. B.Sc. in math & physical oceanography ; 2. B.Sc. in chemistry & general oceanography 3. B.Sc. in biological oceanography (special degree) ; 4. Diploma in water pollution & coastal management ; 5. Diploma in aquaculture & fisheries management ; 6. M.Sc. in biological oceanography ; 7. M.Sc. in physical oceanography ; 8. M.Sc. in chemical oceanography ; 9. M.Sc. in geological oceanography ; 10. Ph.D. in oceanography

Capacity and brief description of library
library of the Dept. of Oceanography : books : 1200, journals subscription : 26, total bounded journals : 2538 ; library of the Faculty of Sciences : books : 9248 (in Arabic), 35290 (almost in English) ; periodicals : 138 (in Arabic), 530 (almost in English) ; theses : 3661 (all in English)

Type of research institution
governmental, national governmental, local
international academic
private other:


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