Sevastopol, Marine Hydrophysical Institute


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National Academy of Science of Ukraine
2, Nakhimov av.
99011 Sevastopol   UKRAINE
Tel : + 380 692 544 110
Fax : + 380 692 557 813
Email :
Web Site :
Director : Prof. Eremeev Valery Nikolaevich

Type of activities
research only   academic, education
policy/planning   envir. monitoring

Main sectors of research
coastal ecology, systematics & taxonomy, living resources (e.g. fisheries aquaculture), ecotoxicology, biotechnology, physiology, hydrological processes, water quality & pollution, environmental impact assessment, environment & health, radioactive processes, environmental monitoring (oil, radionuclides, PCB, pesticides, etc.), modelling (growing producents of BAS)

Current major projects

Number of local permanent staff
scientists : 132 others : 211

Indoor surface area (m2) available for
research : 6500 teaching :
others :

Conference room
no yes (number of seats : 100 )

Research vessel(s)
less than 12 m in length; number of vessels : 1
more than 12 m in length; number of vessels : 1
Brief description of vessels and on board scientific equipment :
R/V 'Professor Vodyanitskiy' : length 68,77 m ; depth 6,03 m ; tonnage 117269 rt ; labs 11 ; echo-sounder EK-500 ; computer center ; tocken-ring network ; GPS navigator ; CTD profiler ; neil brown water sampler MK II bathometers ; nets ; dredge etc.

Other major research facilities and equipment
11 laboratories-
specialized radio-biological building for work with radioisotopes, specialized laboratory building with aquarial complex, aquarium-museum, tanks and aquaria, lab cultures of algae, reference collection of algae and animals, luminoscan, fluoroscan 2, bioscreen C labsystems, microcalorimeter (LKB), ATP-luminometer 1250 (LKB), soctrade/fiastar 5010 system

Ecosystem types available nearby
most types of marine ecosystems

Areas of taxonomic expertise
ichthyofauna, ichthyoplankton, phytoplankton, zooplankton, macro & meiobenthos, macro & microphytobenthos

Specimen collections
yes no
  Brief description :

Hosting facilities for visiting scientists
yes no

Training courses
yes no

Capacity and brief description of library
science library was founded in 1871 ; more than 1000 rare books including books published in Russia and abroad in 1766-1880 ; the scientific literature stock represents a rich diversity of disciplines and related aspects, with 150 000 titles including 75 000 in foreign languages

Type of research institution
  governmental, national governmental, local
international academic
private other:


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