CIESM Workshop Series, n°8:

Scientific design and monitoring of Mediterranean marine protected areas
Porto Cesareo (Italy), October 1999, 64 p., 90 refs

Outcome of a meeting, held in Porto Cesareo, Italy, in October 1999, to review relevant experience and recent scientific advances which could be of potential benefit in designing, monitoring and managing MPAs in the Mediterranean region. Theory and practice accumulated over the last ten years in the management of marine protected areas have been confronted. The report contents recommendations addressed to scientists - on the design and monitoring protocol of MPAs - and to managers as well - on the mediation between environmental protection and socio-economic development.

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I - Executive summary
by Ferdinando Boero, Frédéric Briand and Fiorenza Micheli

II - Workshop communications

- Photosensitized degradation of organic compounds in natural waters
O. Bajt, N. Kovac, J. Faganeli and B. Sket

- Global experiences in marine protected area planning and lessons learned
Tundi Agardy

- La protection côtière intégrée dans l´île de Djerba en Tunisie: réalités et perspectives
Abdelkader Baouendi

- Structure versus organization and function: an approach for the evaluation of a site for marine protection
Alberto Basset

- Marine protected areas in the Mediterranean Sea : Croatian experiences
A. Benovic, M. Peharda and V. Onofri

- A summary of theoretical results regarding the design of marine reserves
Louis W. Botsford

- South Sinai protected areas network: from a vision to a success and the coming challenges and risks
Alain Jeudy de Grissac

- The role of MPAs for the sustainable use of marine resources: problems related to a cost-benefit analysis
Giuseppe Lembo

- Marine reserves: US experience in a Mediterranean context
Fiorenza Micheli

- The international sanctuary for Mediterranean cetaceans: criteria for its origin and implementation
Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara

- Marine protected areas: conservation of biodiversity and enhancement of fisheries
Alfonso A. Ramos

- Marine protected areas in the Maltese Islands: status and problems
Patrick J. Schembri

- A new instrument on specially protected areas in the Mediterranean
Tullio Scovazzi

- Recreation in Mediterranean marine parks: limits and perspectives
Miquel Zabala