CIESM Workshop Series, n°9:

Role of sea surface microlayer processes in the biogeochemistry of the Mediterranean Sea
Paris (France), December 1999, 76 p., 216 refs

Outcome of a meeting, held in Paris, 8-11 December 1999, to review in multidisciplinary fashion the current state of knowledge and gaps on SML in the Mediterranean Sea. The workshop identified numerous questions for future research, concerning in particular:

  • the role of SML in the formation of certain reactive compounds, in the transfer and fate of contaminants, trace elements, natural organic compounds;
  • photochemical processes and teir role in radiation energy transfer;
  • trace gas exchange through the SML;
  • the physical nature, biology and productivity of the SML;
  • the contamination of the SML with pathogenic bacteria and chemical contaminants;
  • new and unique techniques for sampling the SML.
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    I - Executive summary
    II - Workshop communications

    - Photosensitized degradation of organic compounds in natural waters
    O. Bajt, N. Kovac, J. Faganeli and B. Sket

    - The role of the surface microlayer in contaminant concentration and pollutant transport via marine aerosols
    A. Cincinelli, L. Lepri, L. Checchini and M. Perugini

    - Air-Sea exchange of semi-volatile organic compounds: transfer processes and the role of phytoplankton
    Steven J. Eisenreich and Jordi Dachs

    - Diurnal fluctuation of nutrient and suspended organic matter concentrations in the sea surface microlayer during spring in offshore water of the Gdansk Basin
    Lucyna Falkowska

    - Chemical characterization of the sea-surface microlayer using electrochemical methods
    B. Gasparovic, V. Vojvodic and B. Cosovic

    - Biology, contamination and toxicity of the sea surface
    Jack T. Hardy

    - Interactions of bacteria and dissolved organic matter at the sea surface microlayer
    Gerhard J. Herndl

    - Investigation of the sea-surface microlayer by a complex methodological approach
    Z. Kozarac, B. Cosovic and D. Msbius

    - The role of microorganisms at the seawater interface and potential applications
    Philippe Le Baron and Fabien Joux

    - The role of the sea surface microlayer in air-sea gas exchange
    Peter S. Liss

    - How chemistry of the sea surface microlayer influences biogeochemical processes at the atmosphere/ocean interface
    Alain Saliot

    - The role of atmospheric input of natural and anthropogenic organic compounds in the biogeochemistry of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
    Euripides G. Stephanou and Alexandra Gogou