CIESM Workshop Series, n°6:

Mediterranean Scientific Drilling Prospectives
Granada, Spain, June 1999
192 p.

Outcome of a meeting, coordinated by Dr Jean Mascle, Chairman of the CIESM Committee on Marine Geosciences, which took place in Granada with the participation of some 25 researchers from twelve countries.
This workshop reviewed the interests of scientists active in different Mediterranean Sea Geoscience fields which may be resolved by drilling, and prospected for new proposals to be prepared for the next phase (beyond 2003) of International Scientific Drilling (if any), based on both standard drilling and riser drilling tools.


I - Coordinator´s report
Extracts available in pdf format (Warning: this material is protected by international copyright law).

II - Expanded abstracts

- Turbidite systems in the Western Mediterranean Sea: Contribution of sedimentary facies to understand turbidite system growth and to evaluate turbidite system models.
B. Alonso*, G. Ercilla, F. Pérez-Belzuz, J. Baraza, and M. Canals

- Sand-rich versus mud-rich turbidite systems at intermediate latitudes : stratigraphic response to sea level change, an ODP proposal.
L. Droz*, C. Ravenne, B. Savoye, S. BernŽ, G. Bellaiche

- Cyclic sedimentation in the Eastern Mediterranean: the need for high-resolution geochemical investigations.
H.-J. Brumsack* and R. Wehausen

- High resolution studies in sediments of Eastern Mediterranean key-areas on global paleoclimatic changes.
G. de Lange

- Drilling unusual Mediterranean sedimentary sequences in search of the deep sub-seafloor biosphere.
J. A. McKenzie

- Deep Sea Drilling Programme in the Black Sea: Climate change and sedimentation in the Black Sea region in response to Pleistocene climatic cycles, a letter of intent.
R. D. Flood, W.B.F. Ryan, H.K. Wong, N. Panin*, G. Lericolais, S. BernŽ, C. Dinu, K.M. Shimkus

- Is there a Mediterranean-North Atlantic climate feedback? Testing the hypothesis.
J. Targarona, J. Cacho, I., M. Canals

- The Atlantic Mediterranean gateway.
A. Maldonado*and C. Hans Nelson

- Detailed studies of a tsunamigenic structure offshore SW Iberia: the chance offered by the tectonic source of the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake, a preliminary ODP proposal.
N. Zitellini*, F. Chierici, A. Correggiari, M. Ligi, R. Sartori, L. Torelli, L. Vigliotti and BIGSETS Team

- Challenges for future drilling in the Western Mediterranean : Potential Targets in the Alboran and South Balearic basins.
M. Comas

- Subsurface structuring of the Eastern Mediterranean Tunisian basins.
M. Bédir

- The Black Sea: structure, evolution and sedimentology.

M. Ergün and G. Cifci

- A multidisciplinary in situ investigation on the physics of crustal deformation: the Gulf of Corinth Deep Geodynamic Laboratory.
F. H. Cornet*, P. Bernard, I. Vardoulakis, G. Borm

- The Hellenic Subduction Zone, a world site to study the mechanics of roll back.
B. Stöckhert

- Land-based drilling project in the forearc of the retreating Hellenic subduction zone, Crete, Greece.
D. Papanikolaou, B. Stsckhert and D. Sakellariou*

- Tectonics of Subduction and Collisional Arcs (TOSCA).
J.M. Woodside

- The Western foreland of the Mediterranean Ridge accretionary complex.
W. Hieke

-Accretion and incipient continental collision: phase-2 deep drilling into the Mediterranean Ridge accretionary complex, Eastern Mediterranean.
B. Della Vedova*, R. Nicolich, T. Reston and A. Camerlenghi

- Drilling an incipient collision: the Central Mediterranean Ridge (Eastern Mediterranean).
J. Mascle*, C. Huguen, E. Chaumillonv

- Backstop hydrogeology and deformation mechanisms related to incipient continental collision and exhumation processes off Crete, Eastern Mediterranean.
A. Kopf*, A.H.F. Robertson, E.S. Screaton, J. Mascle

- Fluid flow through the floor of the Eastern Mediterranean: combined observations and experiments at the sea-bottom and bore holes
J.-P. Foucher

- Easternmost Mediterranean: towards a regional tectonic model.
A. Robertson

- Slow transpressional processes of conclusive subduction, early collision and incipient obduction: Drilling the Cypriot Arc.
Y. Mart
* participant to the workshop.

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