CIESM Workshop Monographs, n°25

Investigating the roles of cetaceans in marine ecosystems

To be cited as: CIESM 2004. Investigating the roles of cetaceans in marine ecosystems. CIESM Workshop Monograph n25 [F. Briand, ed.], 144 p., CIESM Publisher, Monaco.

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I - Executive summary
1 - Introduction
2 - Spatial structuring of the Mediterranean through oceanographic processes
3 - Mediterranean cetaceans
4 - Methods for the study of cetacean trophodynamics
5 - Conservation and management issues

II - Workshop communications

Introductory remarks

- Preliminary thoughts.
Sidney Holt

- Methods for dietary studies on marine mammals.
Graham Pierce

- Modelling interactions between marine mammals and fisheries: model structures, assumptions and data requirements.
John Harwood

- Modeling food webs: a bioenergetic-allometric approach.
Mariano Koen-Alonso

Examples from the real world
- Trophic levels of marine mammals and overlap in resource utilization between marine mammals and fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea.
Kostas Stergiou

- Study of dietary overlap between small cetaceans and fisheries in the Bay of Biscay from stomach content analysis.
Claire Pusineri

- Assessing trophic interactions of some dolphins in the Balearic subbasin, Western Mediterranean Sea.
Carmen Blanco

- Investigating food-web interactions between Mediterranean coastal dolphins and fisheries in "natural laboratories".
Giovanni Bearzi

- Summer fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) distribution in relation to oceanographic conditions : implications for conservation.
Christophe Guinet

- Whales, whaling and ecosystem change in the Antarctic and Eastern Bering Sea: insights from ecosystem models.
Andrew W. Trites

- Interactions between fishing activity and cetaceans that occur in the Southeastern Ligurian-Northern Tyrrhenian Sea.
Alvaro J. Abella

Insight for management
- Marine reserves, ecological theory and the role of higher predators in marine ecosystem management.
Sascha K. Hooker

- Potential competition with fisheries? The case of sperm whales and beaked whales.
Robert L. Brownell

Navigating in a variable environment
- The cetacean world as seen by physical and biological oceanographers.
Claude Millot

III - Bibliographic references

IV - List of participants