CIESM Workshop Series, n°10:

The Eastern Mediterranean climatic transient : its origin, evolution and impact on the ecosystem
Trieste, Italy. March-April 2000, 86 p. (108 refs)

The workshop reviewed the various hypotheses put forward to explain the causes and the origin of the EMT which saw a shift in the location of the deep water formation site from the Adriatic to the Aegean and completely changed the deep conveyor belt of the Eastern Med as well as the properties of its deep waters. The workshop report consider the potential influence of the EMT on the Western Mediterranean, and identify promising directions for future research in this domain.

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I - Executive summary
by Birgit Klein, edited by A. Lascaratos and F. Briand
1 - introduction
2 - Evolution of EMT
3 - Causes and origins of EMT
4 - Influence of EMT on the ecosystem

II - Workshop communications
1- Field data
- Can the Eastern Mediterranean transient be considered a factor influencing the present trophic state of the Southern Adriatic basin ?
Giuseppe Civitarese

- The evolution of the Eastern Mediterranean Climatic Transient during the last decade: the tracer viewpoint
Birgit Klein, Wolfgang Roether, Bruno Manca and Alexander Theocharis

- Recent changes in dynamics of the Eastern Mediterranean affecting the water characteristics of the adjacent basins
Beniamino B. Manca

- Decadal variability of winter rainfall in the Mediterranean region
Roberta Quadrelli, Valentina Pavan and Franco Molteni

- Variability in the Mediterranean Sea: connection with climatic patterns
F. Raicich

- Times series of biological data in the Adriatic Sea
Mladen Solic

- Possible causes, origin, evolution and some consequences of the Eastern Mediterranean Transient during the period 1987-1999
A. Theocharis and A. Lascaratos

2 - Models, others
- Interdisciplinary observations from moorings and autonomous underwater vehicles: recent advances and a look toward the future
Tommy D. Dickey

- Modelling studies of the Eastern Mediterranean thermohaline changes
K. Haines, S. Matthiesen, K. Stratford and P. Wu

- Simulations of biological production in the Rhodes basin of the Eastern Mediterranean
Temel Oguz

- The interannual variability of the Mediterranean Sea: from simulations to forecasting
N. Pinardi and E. Demirov

- The effects of the North Atlantic Oscillation on European shelf ecosystems
Arnold H. Taylor

3 - Measuring variability in the Sicily Strait
- Effects produced by the Eastern Mediterranean climatic transient in the Sicily strait and the consequences in the Western Mediterranean
Mario Astraldi, Gian Pietro Gasparini and Anna Vetrano

- Hydrological variability in the Channel of Sicily
Cherif Sammari and Claude Millot

- Reply of Mario Astraldi