CIESM Workshop Monographs, n°26

Novel contaminants and pathogens in coastal waters

To be cited as: CIESM 2004. Novel contaminants and pathogens in coastal waters. CIESM Workshop Monograph n26 [F. Briand, ed.], 112 p., CIESM Publisher, Monaco.

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I - Executive summary
1 - Introduction
2 - Novel chemical contaminants
3 - Pathogens in coastal ecosystems
4 - Recommendations for future research
5 - Targeted recommendations

II - Workshop communications

- Novel contaminants in marine settings: incremental science or a challenge for environmental studies.
J. Tronczynski, C. Munschy, I. Johansson, C. Tixier, N. Guiot, K. Moisan and I. Truquet

- New contaminants in the North Sea and Baltic Sea.
N. Theobald

- Input and behaviour of alkylphenolic endocrine-disrupting contaminants in a stratified estuary and coastal waters.
M. Ahel and S. Terzic

- Study of processes governing the fate of organic pollutants in the Eastern Mediterranean.
E.G. Stephanou, M. Mandalakis, M. Tsapakis, N. Markoulakis and A. Kouvarakis

- Prediction of the environmental load of pharmaceuticals contaminating the marine environment. A case for the Adriatic Sea.
E. Zuccato

- Occurrence and fate of antibiotics as trace contaminants in wastewaters, sewage sludges and surface waters.
W. Giger, A.C. Alder, E.M. Golet, C.S. McArdell and E. Molnar

- Environmental risk management for pharmaceutical compounds as novel contaminants.
N. Voulvoulis

- Current and future environmental risk assessment of pharmaceuticals.
A. Hartmann

- Medical radioisotopes entering the marine environment.
P.S. Rose and N.S. Fisher

- Emerging pathogens in coastal areas.
M. Pommepuy, D. Hervio-Heath, M. Gourmelon, M.P. Caprais, P. Le Cann, J.C. Le Saux and F. Le Guyader

- Linking the ecology, epidemiology and pathogenicity of Vibrio cholerae: a molecular genetic approach.
D.A. Chiavelli, K.L. Cottingham and R.K. Taylora

III - Bibliographic references

IV - List of participants