CIESM Workshop Series, n°15:

Mediterranean Mussel Watch. Designing a regional program for detecting radionuclides and trace-contaminants
Marseilles, 18-20 April 2002, 133 p. (234 ref.)

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I - Executive summary
by Hervé Thébault, edited by Frédéric Briand and Nick Fisher
1 - Introduction
2 - Rationale and background
3 - Current biomonitoring activities
4 - Reaching agreement on MMW
5 - Next steps

II - Workshop communications
- Towards a Mediterranean Mussel Watch : Egypt - case study.
M.A.R Abdel-Moati

- Marine environment studies on the Syrian coast : biomonitors.
M.S. Al-Masri

- Biomonitoring in the Mediterranean coast of Spain.
M. Vargas-Yáñez, T. Ramírez, D. Cortés, M.L. Fernández de Puelles, A. Lavín, M.P. Antón, C. Gascó and J.M. Benedicto

- Radioactivity measurements in the Environmental Radioactivity Measurement Laboratory.
E. Barker and P. Bouisset

- Monitoring of 137Cs in the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis L. along the Romanian Black Sea coast.
A. Bologa

- Biomonitoring the Morrocan coasts : outlook of the Mediterranean Mussel Watch in Morocco.
M. Cheggour, A. Chafik and S. Benbrahim

- Radioactivity biomonitoring programs in the Italian marine environment.
R. Delfanti, F.G. Pannacciulli and C. Papucci

- The Sevastopol bay radio-chemoecological monitoring programme using the mollusc Mytilus galloprovincialis.
Egorov V.N., Polikarpov G.G., Kulebakina L.G., Kostova S.K., Zherko N. V., Mirzoyeva N. Vu., Stokozov N.A., Lazorenko G.E. and Malakhova L. V.

- Considerations for a mussel-based monitoring program for radioactive contaminants in the Mediterranean Sea.
N.S. Fisher

- Environmental radioactivity monitoring in Greece: present knowledge and planned study.
H. Florou, Ch. Chalalou, Ch. Lykomitrou and M. Ladopoulou

- A Mediterranean Mussel Watch for radionuclides: what is the best information that can be gained ?
S.W. Fowler

- Present use of mollusks as bioindicator in monitoring Israel's Mediterranean coastal waters.
B. Herut

- Investigations related to the monitoring of bivalves and other marine organisms on the Eastern Adriatic coast (Croatia).
G. Kniewald and D. Barisic

- Surveillance du milieu marin le long des côtes tunisiennes.
N. Mzoughi

- Monitoring of radionuclides in Algerian coastal waters.
A. Nourredine

- Spatial and temporal trends in the distribution of contaminants and their biological effects in the NW Mediterranean.
C. Porte and J. Albaigés

- French experience in matter of coastal monitoring of trace contaminants, a short review.
D. Sauzade, B. Andral and J.-Y. Stanisière

- Monitoring of radionuclides in Libyan coastal waters
M. Shenber

- Radionuclide and heavy metal content in marine ecosystems on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.
A.S. Strezov, Tz.P. Nonova, T.T. Stoilova and P.S. Petkov

- Comparison of heavy metal levels in native and cultured mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis (L., 1758) from the Bay of Izmir (Aegean Sea/Turkey).
U. Sunlu

- Monitoring of radionuclides on the French Mediterranean coast.
H. Thébault

- Monitoring of radionuclides and heavy metals in Turkish Black Sea Coast, Bosphorus and Marmara Sea using mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) as a bioindicator.
S. Topcuoglu

III - Bibliographic references

IV - List of participants