CIESM Workshop Monographs, n°32

Impact of Mariculture on Coastal Ecosystems

To be cited as: CIESM 2007. Impact of mariculture on coastal ecosystems. Ciesm Workshop Monograph n°32 [F. Briand, ed.], 118 p., CIESM Publisher, Monaco.

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I - Executive summary

1. Introduction

2. The Mediterranean environment

3. Tuna fattening

4. The effect of scale

5. Local scale impacts
          5.1. Waste discharges
                    5.1.1 Organic and inorganic wastes
                    5.1.2 Antibiotics and biocides
                    5.1.3 Other potentially harmful materials
          5.2 Spread of benthic pathogens
          5.3 Decline of seagrass (Posidonia oceanica) meadows
          5.4 Introduction of alien species
                    5.4.1 Intentional and unintentional introduction of alien species
                    5.4.2 Alien parasites and pathogens
          5.5 Impacts of fish farms on cage-associated wild fish assemblages
          5.6 Impacts of escapees

6. Tools for management
          6.1 Genetic tools for managing mariculture
          6.2 Siting and species selection
          6.3 Inshore or offshore?
          6.4 Integrated or recirculated systems
          6.5 Criteria for selection of future species?

7. Main recommendations for a sustainable mariculture

II – Workshop communications

- Ecological assessment of aquaculture impact in the Mediterranean Sea.
Simone Mirto, Antonio Pusceddu, Cristina Gambi, Marianne Holmer and Roberto Danovaro

- Impact of fish farming on marine ecosystems - Croatian experiences.
G. Kušpilić, V. Tičina, S. Matijević, S. Skejić, B. Antolić, I. Grubelić and M. Tudor

- Effects of aquaculture on Mediterranean marine ecosystems: findings of recent EU funded projects and ongoing research activities.
Ioannis Karakassis

- Oyster transfers as a vector for marine species introductions: a realistic approach based on the macrophytes.
Marc Verlaque, Charles-François Boudouresque and Frédéric Mineur

- Parasite and disease transfer between cultured and wild coastal marine fish.
A. Diamant, A. Colorni and M. Ucko

- Escapes of marine fish from sea-cage aquaculture in the Mediterranean Sea: status and prevention.
Tim Dempster, Heidi Moe, Arne Fredheim, Jensen Ø and Pablo Sanchez-Jerez

- Under which condition should we be afraid of the genetic consequences of escapees in the marine world?
François Bonhomme

- Aquaculture escapes: potential risks for gene pool integrity of native species.
Eva Garcia-Vazquez, Ana G. F. Castillo and Paloma Moran

- Aquaculture escapes: new DNA based monitoring analyses and application on sea bass and sea bream.
Alexander Triantafyllidis

- Implications of infauna harvesting at inter-tidal flats on nutrient cycling, Ria Formosa - Portugal.
Manuela Falcão, Carlos Vale and Miguel Caetano

- Ecological relationship between wild fish populations and Mediterranean aquaculture in floating fish cages.
P. Sanchez Jerez, J. Bayle-Sempere, D. Fernandez-Jover, C. Valle and T. Dempster

- Sustainable aquaculture in the Mediterranean Sea: are we moving in the right direction?
R. Haroun, A. Makol, J. Ojeda and F. Simard

III - Bibliographic references

IV - List of participants