CIESM Workshop Monographs, n°20:

Alien marine organisms introduced by ships in the Mediterranean and Black seas
Istanbul (Turkey), 6-9 November 2002, 136 p. (268 ref.)

This illustrated volume tackles an issue widely recognized as one of the major threats to the world oceans, as demonstrated by recent ship invaders in the Black Sea. In our region of the world, the impact of shipping on marine biodiversity is expected to become even more acute, with a projected growth of maritime traffic by about 400% in the next 20 years ...

This monograph offers a unique compilation of data and analyses, as well as a telling glimpse at the dense pattern of shipping vectors and movements crossing the Region. An original synthesis, drawn from a broad range of marine disciplines (biology, shipping and management), reviews the major gaps in knowledge, offering practical recommendations for action and research. This document should prove of interest to the research community of marine scientists at large.

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I - Executive summary

        1. Introduction
        2. Shipping routes and vectors
        3. Ecology of invasions
        4. Prospective trends
        5. Conclusions and recommended actions

II - Workshop communications

Routes of invasions
- Analysis of shipping patterns in the Mediterranean and Black seas.
J.-P. Dobler

- Black Sea - Baltic Sea invasion corridors.
S. Olenin

Ecology of invasions
- Ship-transported virio- and bacterio- plankton.
L.A. Drake

- Phytoplankton introductions in European coastal waters: why are so few invasions reported?
T. Wyatt and J.T. Carlton

- Plankton stowaways in the Black Sea – Impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem health.
S.P. Moncheva and L.T. Kamburska

- Assessing scale and impact of ship-transported alien macrophytes in the Mediterranean Sea.
C.F. Boudouresque and M. Verlaque

- Assessing scale and impact of ship-transported alien fauna in the Mediterranean?
H. Zibrowius

- Susceptibility to invasion: assessing scale and impact of alien biota in the Northern Adriatic.
A. Occhipinti-Ambrogi

- The Ponto-Caspian region: predicting the identity of potential invaders.
B. Öztürk

- Assessing extent and impact of ship-transported alien species in the Black Sea.
A.E. Kideys

- Propagule supply as a driver of biological invasions.
G.M. Ruiz

- Ship-driven biological invasions in the Mediterranean Sea.
F. Boero

Risk assessment and management
- Options for managing ballast water to reduce marine species’ transfer.
R. Boelens

- Shipping: global changes and management of bioinvasions.
D. Minchin

- Harmful aquatic organisms in ships’ ballast water – Ballast water risk assessment
S. Raaymakers and R. Hilliard