CIESM Workshop Series, n°12:

Fishing down the Mediterranean food webs?
Kerkyra, Greece, 26-30 July 2000, 99 p. (190 ref.)

The development of "trophic level" reference points is an important issue for fisheries research in the Mediterranean where other "traditional" reference points are hard to establish. The meeting, which brought together prominent and younger scientists active in this area, allowed to :

  • identify gaps in and assess the potential use of trophic levels for the identification of fisheries status;
  • assess the usefulness of trophic levels as reference points, and
  • establish directions for future ecological and fisheries research in relation to the above aspects.
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    I - Executive summary
    edited by Kostas Stergiou and Nicholas Polunin
    1. Introduction
    2. What is a trophic level?
    3. Estimating TLs
    4. How should TLs be used?
    5. Priorities for future research

    II - Workshop communications

    - Estimates of trophic level in the red mullet Mullus barbatus: a comparison between gut-contents and stable-isotope data.
    Fabio Badalamenti, John K. Pinnegar, Nicholas V.C. Polunin and Giovanni D´Anna

    - Zooplankton biomass and fish production in the Adriatic.
    Adam Benovic

    - On fishery status, the precautionary approach and sustainability: does a role exist for «trophic level» reference points?
    Joseph Catanzano and Stephen Cunningham

    - Relations trophiques et peche en Algerie.
    Abdelhafid Chalabi

    - «Pandora´s Box» in fisheries: is there a link between economy and ecology?
    M. L. Coelho

    - Biological reference points and natural temporal variability in Mediterranean fish populations.
    Jean-Marc Fromentin

    - Influence of fishing on the trophic structure of fish assemblages in Mediterranean seagrass beds.
    Mireille Harmelin-Vivien

    - Fishing effects on trophic structure of rocky littoral fish assemblages.
    Enrique Macpherson

    - Tuna purse seine fisheries and their offshore pelagic ecosystems.
    F. MŽnard, F. Marsac, and A. Fonteneau

    - The deep-sea fishery of the Balearic Islands and the trophic level of the exploited resources.
    Beatriz Morales-Nin, Joan Moranta, Nicholas VC Polunin, Enric Massuti, and Joan Cartes

    - State of Mediterranean resources in relation to their sustainable management within the «Precautionary Approach to Fisheries». Recent initiatives and proposals to fill the gaps.
    Pere Oliver

    - Ecosystem management and sustainable fisheries: implication on marine food webs.
    Costas Papaconstantinou and Mary Labropoulou

    - Approaches for dealing with three sources of bias when studying the fishing down marine food web phenomenon.
    Daniel Pauly and Maria Lourdes Palomares

    - Classification of the stocks according to their exploitation status. The case of the data-poor stocks.
    Pilar Pereda

    - Trophic-level dynamics inferred from stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen.
    Nicholas V.C. Polunin and John K. Pinnegar

    - Fishing down the marine food webs in the Hellenic seas.
    K.I. Stergiou and M. Koulouris

    - Assessment of the ecological footprint of fishing in the Catalan central coast (NE Spain).
    Sergi Tudela