CIESM Workshop Series, n°17:

Turbidite systems and deep-sea fans of the Mediterranean and the Black seas
Bucharest (Romania) 5 - 8 June 2002, 119 p. (173 ref.)

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I - Executive summary
by John Damuth and Christian Hübscher, edited by Jean Mascle and Frédéric Briand, with inputs from Antonio Cattaneo, Neil Kenyon and How Kin Wong
1 - Introduction
2 - Architecture, depositional processes and controls on fans and related systems
3 - Structural controls and fluid systems on fans and related systems

II - Workshop communications

1 - Western Mediterranean turbiditic and deep-sea fans systems
- Architecture of modern turbidite systems in different geologic settings on the Spanish margins (NW and SW Mediterranean Sea).
B. Alonso and G. Ercilla

- Turbidite systems of the Gulf of Lions (Western Mediterranean): architecture and sedimentary evolution.
L. Droz, S. Berné and G. Bellaiche

- Recognition of turbidite elements in the late-Quaternary Adriatic basin: where are they and what do they tell us?
A. Cattaneo, A. Correggiari and F. Trincardi

- Growth of mud reliefs within the Adriatic late-Holocene prodelta deposits through sediment load and fluid escape processes.
A. Cattaneo, F. Trincardi, A. Correggiari, T. Marsset and D.G. Masson

2 - The Nile cone
- Salt tectonics in the Nile and Rhône deep-sea fans: comparison on the basis of seismic data and physical modeling.
V. Gaullier, L. Loncke, B. Vendeville, J. Mascle and A. Maillard

- Shallow structure of the Nile deep-sea fan: interactions between structural heritage and salt tectonics; consequences on sedimentary dispersal.
L. Loncke, V. Gaullier, J. Mascle and B. Vendeville

- The Nile deep-sea fan and its channel-levees system: results from the Prismed II and Fanil cruises.
G. Bellaiche, L. Loncke, V. Gaullier, L. Droz, J. Mascle, T. Courp, A. Moreau, S. Radan and O. Sardou

- New data from the easternmost Nile system - the Gemme project.
C. Hübscher, A. Dehghani, K. Gohl, J. Pätzold, and Gemme Working Group

- Evidence of fluid escape structures, mud volcanoes and gas chimneys on the Nile Deep Sea Fan.
J. Mascle, L. Loncke, O. Sardou, P. Boucher, V. Felt and Prismed II-Fanil scientific parties

3 - The Black Sea turbiditic systems and the Danube fan
- River Danube-Black Sea geosystem. Birth and development.
N. Panin and D. Jipa

- The character of recent turbiditic sedimentation on the south-eastern Crimean slope and the Pallas Uplift.
A.M. Akhmetzhanov, M.K. Ivanov and A.V. Volkonskaya

- Submarine valleys and canyons in the Black Sea - a case study of the Bulgarian part of the sea.
P.S. Dimitrov and D.P. Solakov

- Viteaz Canyon, the only sediment pathway of the Black Sea Shelf?
G. Lericolais, I. Popescu, N. Panin, E. Le Drezen, A. Normand, H. Nouzé and T.R. Garfield

- Architecture and recent sedimentary evolution of the Danube deep-sea fan (Black Sea).
I. Popescu, G. Lericolais, N. Panin, L. Droz, H.K. Wong and C. Dinu

- Northwestern Black Sea: Upper Quaternary water level and sedimentation.
H. K. Wong, T. Lüdmann, N. Panin, P. Konerding and C. Dinu

- Seismo-acoustics evidence of gases in sedimentary edifices of the paleo-Danube realm.
G. Ion, G. Lericolais, H. Nouzé, N. Panin and E. Ion

4 - Other
- The Amazon-HARP Fan model: facies distributions in mud-rich deep-sea fans based on systematic coring of architectural elements of Amazon Fan.
J.E. Damuth

III - Bibliographic references

IV - List of participants