CIESM Workshop Monographs, n°29

Fluid seepages / mud volcanism in the Mediterranean and adjacent domains

To be cited as:
CIESM 2006. Fluid seepages / mud volcanism in the Mediterranean and adjacent domains. CIESM Workshop Monograph n°29. [F. Briand, ed.], 155 p., CIESM Publisher, Monaco.

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I - Executive summary

II - Workshop communications

- The mud volcano province on the Atlantic Moroccan margin: towards a natural laboratory for joint European – Maghreb research.
J.P. Henriet, N. Hamoumi, M. Ivanov, L. Pinheiro, A.E. Suzyumov, R. Swennen, V. Blinova, I. Bouimetarhan, E. De Boever, D. Depreiter, A. Foubert, E. Kozlova, L. Maignien, J. Poort, P. Van Rensbergen and D. Van Rooij.

- Regional distribution and tectonic control of mud volcanoes in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: evidence from regional swath bathymetry, backscatter records and seismic data.
C. Huguen, J. Mascle, B. Loubrieu, N. Chamot-Rooke, L Loncke, J. Woodside, T. Zitter, J. Benkhelil and E. Tahchi

- Mud Volcanoes Discovered on the Calabrian Arc: preliminary results from the HERMES-HYDRAMED IONIO 2005 campaign.
Silvia Ceramicola, Daniel Praeg and the OGS Explora Scientific Party

- Mud volcanoes and gas hydrates in Anaximander Mountains (Eastern Mediterranean).
V. Lykousis, S. Alexandri J. Woodside, G. de Lange, A. Dählmann, C. Perissoratis, Chr. Ioakim, D. Sakellariou, P. Nomikou, D. Casas, K. Kormas, G. Rousakis, D. Ballas and G. Ercilla

- Mud volcanoes and other types of cold seeps in the Black Sea: morphologies, settings and processes.
I. Klaucke, H. Sahling, W. Weinrebe, G. Bohrmann and M.K. Ivanov.

- Structural control of mud volcanism and hydrocarbon-rich fluid seepage in the Gulf of Cadiz: results from the TTR-15 and other previous cruises.
L.M. Pinheiro, M. Ivanov, N. Kenyon, V. Magalhães, L. Somoza, J. Gardner, A. Kopf, P. Van Rensbergen, J.H. Monteiro and the Euromargins-MVSEIS Team.

- Genesis of cold seeps and mud volcanoes of the Northern Apennine foothills.
Rossella Capozzi and Vincenzo Picotti .

- Multi-scale seafloor mapping of active seep-related structures, offshore Egypt.
Stéphanie Dupré, John Woodside, Ingo Klaucke, Jean Mascle, Jean Paul Foucher and the NAUTINIL& MIMES Scientific Parties.

- Mud/Brine expulsions on the Nile Deep Sea Fan: geophysical characterization and in situ dive observations of mud mounds in the Menes Caldera.
C. Huguen, J.P. Foucher, J. Mascle, L. Loncke, H. Ondreas, M. Thouement and the NAUTINIL Scientific Party.

- The mud volcanic provinces of the Gulf of Cadiz Moroccan margin and NW Rif belt: challenging areas to better understand complex marine-land geology at a regional scale.
Naima Hamoumi .

- The examination of the gas hydrates hosting environment of the Anaximander mud volcanoes, Eastern Mediterranean: stratigraphy and sedimentary succession of the mud breccia clasts.
Chr. Ioakim, St. Tsaila-Monopolis, C. Perissoratis, V. Lykousis and the Anaximander scientific party.

- Methane-related carbonates and associated authigenic minerals from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
S. Gontharet, C. Pierre, M.M. Blanc-Valleron, J.M. Rouchy, Y. Fouquet, G. Bayon, J.P. Foucher, J. Woodside, J. Mascle and the Nautinil Scientific Party.

- Geochemical composition and origin for fluid and gas fluxes at Eastern Mediterranean mud volcanoes.
Gert J. De Lange, V. Mastalerz, A. Dählmann, R. Haese, J. Mascle, J. Woodside, J.P. Foucher, V. Lykousis and A. Michard.

- Temporal activity of fluid seepage on the Nile Deep-Sea Fan inferred from U-Th dating of authigenic carbonates.
G. Bayon, G.M. Henderson, C. Pierre, M. Bohn and Y. Fouquet .

- Thermal and geochemical evidence for episodic mud eruptions at a mud volcano? The Isis mud volcano case.
Tomas Feseker, Anke Dählmann and Jean-Paul Foucher.

- Prokaryote-derived morphologies in fossil cold-seep carbonates of the Mediterranean region.
Barbara Cavalazzi and Roberto Barbieri.

III - Bibliographic references

IV - List of participants