Varna, Institute of Oceanology


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Agricultural Academy
Boul. Primorsky, 4
9000 Varna   BULGARIA
Tel : + 359 52 257 876
Fax : + 359 52 257 876
Email :
Web Site :
Director : Prof. Dr Peter Kolarov

Type of activities
research only academic, education
policy/planning envir. monitoring

Main sectors of research
hydrochemistry, marine microbiology, plankton, bottom communities, population genetics, ichthyology, stock assessment

Current major projects
* state and dynamics of trophic base in the Black Sea ;
* stock assessment of the commercial fishes in the Black Sea ;
* dynamics of the Black Sea ecosystem under natural and anthropogenic factors

Number of local permanent staff
scientists : 14 others : 21

Indoor surface area (m2) available for
research : 180 teaching : 50
others : 645

Conference room
no yes (number of seats : 12 )

Research vessel(s)
less than 12 m in length; number of vessels :
more than 12 m in length; number of vessels : 1
Brief description of vessels and on board scientific equipment :
34 m in length ; GPS, 2 radars, 2 hydrolocators, oceanographic equipment, trawling facilities

Other major research facilities and equipment
spectrophotometer U-2001, PCR and all necessary devices for electrophoresis, microscopes, many PCs, electronic scales, etc.

Ecosystem types available nearby
littoral, sublittoral, coastal lakes

Areas of taxonomic expertise
phytoplankton, nematods, molluscs, crustaceans, fishes

Specimen collections
yes no
  Brief description :
    Invertebrates (from the Black Sea) : Ostracoda, Mysidacea, Cumacea, Amphipoda, Polychaeta, Harpacticoida ;
we have also some fishes in the collection ;
on the basis of our Institute we have an Aquarium with live preserved exhibits

Hosting facilities for visiting scientists
yes no
30 m2 (lab. of population genetics)

Training courses
yes no
population genetics ; electrophoresis technics

Capacity and brief description of library
25 000 volumes of all aspects of marine biology

Type of research institution
governmental, national governmental, local
international academic
private other:


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