Torregrande - Oristano, International Marine Centre

S. Agata di Messina, Dipartimento di Ecologia Marina



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Via Roma 3
74100 Taranto   ITALY
Tel : + 39 099 454 21 11
Fax : + 39 099 454 22 15
Email :
Web Site :
Director : Prof. Michele Aresta

Type of activities
research only academic, education
policy/planning envir. monitoring

Main sectors of research
marine biology, marine ecology, marine chemistry, oceanography, microbial ecology

Current major projects
* Biogeochemical cycles in the Mar Piccolo of Taranto;
* Impact of date mussel fisheries on the benthic biodiversity of the Salento coast (southern Italy);
* Introduction of the seaweed Caulerpa racemosa and Undaria pinnatifida;
* Biodiversity of marine bacterial flora;
* Algal cultures for energetic purposes.

Number of local permanent staff
scientists : 8 others :

Indoor surface area (m2) available for
research : 600 teaching :
others : 600

Conference room
no yes (number of seats : 20 )

Research vessel(s)
less than 12 m in length; number of vessels :
more than 12 m in length; number of vessels : 1
Brief description of vessels and on board scientific equipment :
the oceanographic vessel 'A. Cerruti' (14,5 m) is equipped to hold 6 researchers to carry out oceanographic surveys, SCUBA diving missions and the collection of plankton, benthos and sediment samples;
GPS, hauling devices, Jan Veen grab, Mc Intyre grab, CTD profiler, sediment corer

Other major research facilities and equipment
mass spectrometer, HPLC, atomic absorption spectrometer, ecosystems types

Ecosystem types available nearby
coastal sounds, open-sea rocky and soft bottoms habitats

Areas of taxonomic expertise
phycology (plankton/benthos), invertebrate zoology

Specimen collections
yes no
  Brief description :
    the Oceanographic Museum hosts hundreds of specimens of seaweed, marine plants, invertebrates and fishes, research devices dating back to the beginning of the 19th century

Hosting facilities for visiting scientists
yes no

Training courses
yes no

Capacity and brief description of library
specialized library in marine biology, oceanography and chemistry ; 3000 ca. monographies/books ; 850 ca. periodicals titles ; 1000 ca. abstracts/articles ; internet connection, Cd/Rom specialized local database (ASFA)

Type of research institution
governmental, national governmental, local
international academic
private other:


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