The CIESM Charter on Access and Benefit-Sharing

A Charter for access to knowledge to everyone and to prevent the abuses of the ocean global commons

The CIESM Charter favours the sharing of scientific knowledge with concerted handing of data, traceability, nature conservation and environmental respect. The Charter developed on the basis of extensive consultation with scientists and legal experts (thanks are due in particular for the key comments of Dr Lyle Glowka, CBD Secretariat) lists nine ethical guidelines aimed at providers, enquirers and end-users regarding the use of marine resources. It emphasizes essential core values, such as fair and equitable sharing of benefits, transparency, reciprocal relations, thus maintaining and protecting the access to knowledge to everyone and preventing abuses of the ocean global commons. The CIESM Charter goes beyond biological approaches and extends beyond the strict perimeter of the Mediterranean/ Black Sea Region. It is applicable to large scientific initiatives such as oceanographic campaigns in the world oceans.

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