Puerto de Mazarron, Centro Oceanografico de Murcia - I E O

Granada, Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra



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Muelle de Poniente, s/n
Apartado 291
07080 Palma de Mallorca   SPAIN
Tel : + 34 971 133 720
Email : cob@ba.ieo.es
Web Site : http://www.ba.ieo.es/
Director : Dr Enric Massutí Sureda

Type of activities
research only academic, education
policy/planning envir. monitoring

Main sectors of research
coastal ecology, ecosystem-scale processes & land use, living resources (e.g. fisheries, aquaculture), ocean circulation, environmental monitoring (evolution of coastal zooplancton community and environmental variables at a fixed coastal station), modelling (exploitation state of target species in commercial fisheries)

Current major projects
  • Assessment of BIOMass EXport from marine protected areas and its impact on fisheries in the western Mediterranean (BIOMEX) [starting date: February 2003; duration: 3 years]
  • Influencia de los factores ambientales sobre la estrategia reproductora y evolución de las larvas de atún rojo Thunnus thynnus y especies afines en aguas de las Baleares (TUNIBAL) [starting date: December 2002; duration: 3 years]
  • Species Identification Methods From Acoustic Multifrequency Information (SIMFAMI) [starting date: January 2002; duration: 3 years]
  • Influence of oceanographic structure and dynamics on DEmersal populations in waters of the BAlearic Islands (IDEA). [starting date: November 2002; duration: 3 years]

  • Number of local permanent staff
    scientists : 10 others : 8

    Indoor surface area (m2) available for
    research : 684 teaching : 111
    others : 1659

    Conference room
    no yes (number of seats : 30 )

    Research vessel(s)
    less than 12 m in length; number of vessels :
    more than 12 m in length; number of vessels :
    Brief description of vessels and on board scientific equipment :
    see www.ba.ieo.es

    Other major research facilities and equipment

    Ecosystem types available nearby
    littoral protected areas

    Areas of taxonomic expertise
    zooplankton, fishes

    Specimen collections
    yes no
      Brief description :
        zoological collection composed by species captured in the trawl fisheries around Balearic islands ; this collection include some rare species (Nansenia iberica), species not previously cited in Mediterranean Sea (Cranchia scabra, Gonostoma elongatum) or scarce in this area (Epigonus constanciae, Pontinus kuhlii, Trachyscorpia cristulata), …

    Hosting facilities for visiting scientists
    yes no

    Training courses
    yes no
    advanced courses, summer schools
    * Co-organization of courses on marine living resources and marine reserves. Training of students.

    Capacity and brief description of library
    see www.ieo.es

    Type of research institution
    governmental, national governmental, local
    international academic
    private other:


    CIESM Guide of Marine Research Institutes